The Start of a Meals Ministry

This is a “local” mission that God has called me to plant.

There are lots of parts to this but…it started with working with a local ministry helping young mothers called Mommy and Me. Many of these young women don’t have a good maternal figure at home and became more vulnerable to other influences. They need someone to show they care and to feel like they have value. Not having a solid foundation for adulthood, they also need to learn life skills. 

The reason why I thought about “grandpas” and “grandmas” is because they have grown children or have mentored others. There is a lot our generations were taught that we can share with the younger generation. There is a wealth of information on adult and life skills in these folks to tap into. For people in this stage in life, there is a change from being needed to feeling left out or in some cases “obsolete”. There is something to helping someone else that makes us feel valued and needed.

So I prayed for where to start and God said “cooking”. I thought of the sisters in Puerto Rico and how they fed the church. These are our sisters and brothers and they are feeding the young women, the unfortunate, and helping to spread God’s grace.


Cooking is foundational and teaches a lot of life skills. How to budget. Make meals quickly. Plan meals in advance. Food prep. Preserve meals. Couponing. Selecting produce. These are things we learned; not everyone receives that “home training”. You help a family eat better, be healthier, and reduce some stress on these young moms.

They learn how to do these things in person or online. (Social distancing friendly!) With online, the lessons can get out to others looking for tips. The lessons begin and end with prayer (must Spread the Good News).

The other piece is this…once a month, those young people prepare meals for those less fortunate. This is to give back to the mission. This could be a homeless ministry, first responders, meals for kids, or rotational. The point is to give back. 

The mission if you choose to accept it…

So there are two parts of this mission:

  1. Online cooking classes – 
    • Asking for people to film themselves cooking their favorites
    • Want to make informal and “home-y”, show families or couples cooking together
    • Post for sharing and incorporate into other programs, able to partner with other ministries helping vulnerable young people
    • Can be done ANYWHERE, doesn’t have to be in Tampa
  2. Local cooking
    • Asking for people to help cook meals
    • Help with distribution
    • Supply a kitchen (after social distancing is over) for group meal prep
    • Tampa Bay area only 

I am looking for ministries to partner with to help or to provide help for this mission as well. If you know someone that might be interested, let me know.

The big ask is for hands. People to cook and share their love of cooking. You just be your naturally wonderful self!

Interested? Contact us at 727-314-3351 or We can setup a video call and go over everything in more detail. 

May God bless you and keep you and your families safe and well.

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